Friday, February 17, 2017

Dehydrating for Storage


Last week I managed to dehydrate a couple of things which is always great!

I am processing a couple of veggies for some soup mixes which I plan to add to storage.

All of my veg gets dehydrated at between 50 - 60 degrees Celsius.

On the first day I dehydrated frozen veg:

dehydrating frozen beans

dehydrating frozen maize

dehydrating frozen peas

And on the second day, I dehydrated the stinkies :) So blanched onion, leek and celery stalks.

dehydrating onions

leek dehydrating

celery dehydrating

Issue I had: Onions, leeks and celery need to be dried on parchment paper or silicone sheets, as they almost dried into the tray :O 

I placed all of my dried goodies in jars with oxygen absorbers and will be using them once I have all of the ingredients I need to make the soup mixes.

I will share the recipes with you then, so do stay tuned :)
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  1. Just found your site. Very interesting. Was wondering what type (name, size make) of dehydrator do you use? I have been wanting to do more of this type preserving of foods. THanks much for great pics and steps to your processes.

    1. Hi Dar,
      I am using a Doerex. You can find my post on this dehydrator here:
      Thanks for your visit.

  2. Do spread the cuts as equitably and completely as conceivable on the dehydrator sheets. Again this will help influence the getting dried out to process as entire and effective as could be allowed.

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