Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sausage Bean Quickie

Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook

I received my copy of Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook a couple of weeks ago and I have decided to dust my Crockpot off and start to recreate some of these amazing sounding recipes each month.
I have chosen 7 recipes for this month and will slowly work my way through them and make notes along the way.

fix-it and forget-it

This month I will be making:

Sausage Sauerkraut Supper pg 154
Smothered Lentils pg 158
Wild Rice Hot Dish pg 170
Lemon Garlic Chicken pg 185
Sausage Bean Quickie pg 208
Four-Bean Medley pg 212
Vegetable Curry pg 229

My idea is to, once I find the recipes that suit us, to make a dehydrated version of these recipes for storage, or to make sure that I have all the tinned goods I need permanently in my cupboard.

How good does this recipe look?
This is the Sausage Bean Quickie which I served with couscous.

I love the fact that I can literally drop the ingredients into the crockpot, and come home to a hearty, healthy meal.

This meal could definitely be made out of your storage - all you would need is a couple of tins, namely:

Baked Beans (I used these with the sauce)
Pineapples in juice
Kidney Beans drained
Pork sausages (I used pork viennas, but you could use tinned or canned sausages)

Added to this you need a couple of tablespoons of flour, some teaspoons of sugar and vinegar and you are good to go!

Bon app├ętit!

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