Friday, February 24, 2017

New Gadget - Soyabella


As we really like to have smoothies for breakfast in our home, I have been on the lookout for an easier way to make nut milks. The commercial milks available, although they taste good, come with a couple of additives and the price is not too shabby either!

Whilst browsing through Youtube a couple of weeks ago, as you do :), I followed a link which led me to a video introducing the Soyabella.

Of course I had to have one!

I received my new gadget about a week ago and have been making almond milk with it until now.

This is such an easy process, I am thrilled thus far.

homemade almond milk

To do this, all you do is the following:

  • Measure out a cup of almonds in the plastic measuring cup that accompanies the gadget
  • Place them into the sieve attachment and cover with water overnight
  • Empty the water, fill your soyabella with the desired amount of filtered water
  • I add 2 destoned dates for sweetness at this point
  • Attach sieve to motorhead, and mill (I mill 5 times)
The resulting milk is great!

I have dehydrated the leftover pulp and ground it down to make almond meal.

almond meal

making almond meal

Once I have enough almond meal I will be baking something with it, so watch this spot :)

I will be trying soy-milk soon and will let you know how that turns out!

Do you use a soymilk maker?
Can you tell me how to make rice milk with the Soyabella?

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