Monday, February 27, 2017

Barley Soup in Storage

barley soup prep

Over the last two weeks I have shared my dehydrating journey that leads up to packaging what I have recently dried into some convenient "soup-in-a-bag" meals.

I did promise to share what I put into my bags with you, so here is the recipe for your convenience:

barley soup bag

For the veg part I added into each bag some dehydrated:

Potatoes (next time I will grate them)

I didn't weigh them out, and just roughly estimated how much of each I put inside. Perhaps next time I will weigh them out so that I get evenly distributed bags :)

What I forgot to put inside was some kidney beans, but I will add these to the pot this time and next time will be sure to include them in the packets!


I added half a cup of barley to each bag.

barley soup in a bag

This is the finished bag.
I added 3 bouillon cubes, an oxygen absorber, and as I didn't have any silica bags on hand, I added a teabag which has a teaspoon of rice inside for moisture absorption.

barley soup sealed

To make, I will empty the contents into a pot, add 1 1/2 liters of water and simmer until ready.

Enjoy :)
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