Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Beekeeping


What an exciting weekend :)

I do apologize that we have been a little quiet on this side, but we haven't had any good weather as of late and so nothing really to talk about. The garden planning is still going forward, and we should have loads to share with you in the next couple of weeks.

I mentioned in the last post that I have started a beekeeping course and I am loving it.


Yesterday we opened up all the hives in the "Learning Beekeeper Estate" to see how things are going.
I found it absolutely amazing how from hive to hive each population was completely different to the last.
Some were raring to go, strong and already busy on the drone combs, and other colonies not nearly ready.

At the estate, they have a typical bee-house, and also free standing hives.

Today, the local beekeeper in our area called to let us know that he was going to be looking in on his bees and that if we wanted to come along and help we were welcome to do so.
Stefan and I went to go and help - I think I have infected Stefan with my bee-enthusiasm as he now can't wait to have bees either :)

Again, today was a total different experience. Our beekeeper has 13 colonies, all alive and well.
He has only a bee-house, roomy and airy!


Are you a beekeeper?
Do you have free standing hives or a house?

See you soon.
Natalie and Stefan

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Natalie and Stefan

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