Sunday, April 28, 2013

In the Garden Take 2 :)

On Thursday, Stefan and I spent the day ripping out the cellar ceiling so that we can insulate the room a little better - man was that dusty work.
As soon as we start to get somewhere on our storage cellar, I will show you our progress.

On Friday, the sun came out for a short spell, our vermiculite arrived and so we grabbed the opportunity to finish our garden setup.

square foot gardening setup

First we leveled the garden slightly, to ensure that the beds will sit flat on the earth.
Then we laid out the fleece which will sit under the beds.

square foot gardening layout

Next, after screwing the beds together we placed them on top of the fleece.

square foot gardening Mel's Mix sfg

We laid out a tarp and got ready to mix our soil:

1/3 Peat Moss substitute
1/3 Vermiculite
1/3 Compost mix (We had a mix of 2 different soils)

For each of our beds we needed 150 litres of each component.
The vermiculite (in the image above on the right) has the weirdest feeling to it. It feels as light as styrofoam, but when squashed between the fingers it stays that way - very weird stuff indeed LOL!

square foot gardening Mels' Mix

Once they were all mixed - and extremely heavy, we (well actually Stefan did most of the work, after the work in the cellar the day before I was still suffering from stiff arms :)) pulled the tarp to the bed and filled each of them.

Square foot garden bed layout sfg

I think they look super! The soil is so nice and fluffy. 
Since then we have continual rain, so I haven't been out to see how the soil has settled, but will do as soon as we have a drop of sunshine.

Next on the agenda is to build the conduit growing columns to fit on the beds, and surround the garden with some kind of fence. My neighbour has a pesky goat that tends to jump over any fence and eat the garden empty! I won't be too impressed should that happen!

We will keep you updated, thanks so much for visiting.
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