Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rather Late than Never!

square foot gardening seeds jiffy

I must admit, Spring really did jump on us this year. The last 3 weeks we thought it had forgotten about us, and so we weren't very motivated to get a move on, then 2 days ago - Spring - Just like that!
I jumped on the bandwagon and filled up my Jiffy Grower with some new hopefuls for our beds:

jiffy pro

This is how they look this morning. I leave them in our bathroom over night as it seems to be the warmest room in the house.

The only section of this Jiffy that bothers me is this:

jiffy pro

Is that normal - asks the novice gardner? I am sure it is my passion-flower seeds which did this to me earlier on in the year, now I am wondering if this is just what they do?

 Last time we threw the seeds out, should we do that again?

Anyway in this Jiffy we have:

Cherry Tomatoes
Passion Flower
St. Johns' Wort
Lemon Balm

In the top image, you can see a new set of very cool veg and fruit that arrived today. 

We will be setting that Jiffy up a little later.

As I chat with you, Stefan is out and about fetching some wood for our first bed.
We will be staggering our beds as to be quite frank, they will be costing a small fortune to set up.
More about that in the next post.
Have a wonderful, industrious, spring day.

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