Sunday, March 17, 2013

Beekeeping Adventures...


I am so excited - I thought I had missed my chance, but I haven't!

I have wanted to become a beekeeper for a good ten years now, but have either not had the opportunity, the land or the input.

And now....

Well it looks like it is meant to be this time, as I have all of the above!

In Switzerland, it is necessary to visit a Beekeeping course, and I managed to sign up for a place in this 2 year course yesterday!
Yesterday we learnt how to ready the frames for the spring and how to properly clean all of the hives.

Stefan contacted a local beekeeper here who has offered me the opportunity to help out over this bee season - Woohoo, and my sister-in-law has agreed to let me keep some hives at the bottom of her land, which is right next-door to where we live!

It definitely is looking like it is all coming together for our homesteading experience this year - so many good things to be grateful for :)

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  1. That is sooooo cool that you are going to be a beekeeper!! The bees are a bit nicer here than in South Africa! I did the two year course a couple years ago and I must say, I would have been lost without it. So many things that you need to know and those pesky varoa mites....arg! I know that you will enjoy it sooooo much, well, minus the stinging part, but even the stings have their benefits. Enjoy your new hobby and keep us filled in on what you are learning.

    1. Hi Susie,
      When I read your name, I said to Stefan, how weird that someone writes with a similar name to yours - DUH! - what a nice surprise!
      Do you keep bees? We must catch up now that we are back in the land of chocolates and snow :)
      Warm regards


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