Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pinterest Tried and Tested - Crockpot Red Curry Lentils

Crockpot Red Curry Lenitls

I love it when I arrive home from work and I can smell the fragrant meal wafting out of my kitchen!

All because I took a little time out in the morning to fill my crock with some wondrous ingredients which allows me to come home to a cooked, hearty meal - Nothing tops that feeling!

Today was one of those days!

I went perusing through my Crockpot board on Pinterest last night and remembered I had bought the ingredients for this lovely sounding Crockpot Red Curry Lentils.

crockpot meals

I changed the meal slightly by adding an extra tin of chopped tomatoes and a whole cup of coconut milk at the end of the cooking time.

As I wasn't here through the cooking procedure, I made sure to add 2.5 bottles of water to make sure the lentils had enough liquid throughout the morning.

All I had to do when I came home was drop my naan breads into the toaster and dig in!

curry and naan bread crockpot slowcooker recipe

How divine!

Definitely a meal to add to my food storage menu plan!

What recipes have your tried from Pinterest lately?

Pinterest tried and tested recipes

Feel free to link them below - we can never have enough good recipes right?

See you soon
Bon Apetit :)

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