Monday, August 19, 2013

Garden Joys

Square Foot Gardening

The garden seems to be really coming into itself at the moment and it is with delight that I go and visit it each day :)

On Friday Stefan and I went out bright and early and pulled out the peas, the rest of the radishes and most of the carrots.
We pulled out the peas as they were overshadowing the marrows and I desperately want them to grow a little bigger. 

It seems to be working, because this morning I went to have a look and the marrows are already much bigger!

marrows zucchetti

And the best news of all - our gems are finally growing :)

gem squash

We have sowed different sorts of cauliflowers: Cheddar, Neckarperle, Universal and Violet Queen. I love them being all different colours, and I do hope they start to grow soon.

select cauliflowers

We also sowed some broccoli and some beets.

Here are the images from the garden once we had finished :)

bed 1 sfg

bed 2 raised beds

potatoes in blossom

How is your garden coming?
What have you recently sowed or reaped?

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  1. Just posted my garden photos too. I had pleasant surprises when I checked my plants this morning.

    1. Hi Christine,
      I guess that nature always has a way of getting things done, I can't wait to finally be able to eat some of the lovely produce we have now - yum!
      Thanks for visiting.

  2. Garden looking great Natalie. I love how it is all so neat and organized, makes our place look like the jungle! Our cauliflowers aren't showing much sign of life at the moment, but it's early days.
    I've just done a garden post if you want to come visit.


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