Friday, August 16, 2013

A New Experiment :)

cold process soap making

soap ingredients

I couldn't wait to share this little bit of news with you....

Look what arrived for me to play with (well "play with" is a bit of dangerous phrase when talking about Sodium Hydroxide amongst other things - hmmm - "create with" then :))

Stefan and I will be trying our hand at homemade soaps in the next while (am just getting all our utensils ready), watch this space for more!

Do you make your own soaps?
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  1. Hi Natalie
    I will definitely be watching this space! I'm thinking of making my own also. I though I'd start with a simple melt and pour method before trying the 'real thing'. I have been looking at a site called Aromazone for supplies, can you recommend any others?
    We have a goat farm near by and I was thinking how wonderful it would be to make soap with local goat milk.
    Up to my eyeballs in jamming at the moment! How is your garden?

  2. This looks really interesting! I'm looking forward to see the results. But is there a specific reason you use palm oil, or can you use other kinds of vegetable oils?


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