Monday, January 21, 2013

Sprouting - How to start Sprouting

Today I want to show you how to go about starting to sprout.

Firstly you will need to decide which sprouts you would like to eat, in the beginning you will probably have to try a couple of different sprout types out, until you find the ones that you enjoy eating.

Some of the sprouts are a little bitter, like Fenugreek, although I find they enhance a salad Double-fold!


My rule of thumb is 1 heaped teaspoon of seed per layer of the sprouter.

If you are using a bottle for your sprouting, I would recommend you also to start with a Tablespoon for the first time, and thereafter you can adjust your amounts of sprouts to suit your individual needs.

If you find that you have too many sprouts once they are ready to eat, it is advisable to remove the rest of the sprouts from the sprouter and place them in a plastic container, in the fridge. That way you can still keep them for consumption for roughly a week once done.

Okay, so I am going to talk you through how I use our home sprouter.

Place a Tablespoon of seeds into a glass or container and cover with water (Make sure the seeds are well-covered and not just covered)

Allow to stand for a few hours - I tend to leave them to stand for anything from 4 - 7 hours.

Empty the seeds into your sprouter and allow the excess water to pour off.

You are ready to go.

Now rinse your sprouts 1-2 times a day and enjoy!

Here is my video I made for your convenience.

On Friday, I will share my Essene Bread Recipe Tutorial with you.
See you then.

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