Sunday, January 6, 2013

Garden Planning Stage 1

This Spring we are going to try our hand at Square Foot Gardening.

We are not complete novices at gardening per se, but we haven't really done it seriously either.

Until now we have just planted and reaped whatever came out of the garden, there was never much contemplation about how to do it and when to plant the seedlings, we used to, well more I (Natalie), used to be so impatient  and just sow the seeds any-old-how and hope for the best!

But this year we are going to go about it the proper way, planning and all!

As we had to order some new sprouts for our sprouter (more about that soon)
we decided to start to get some seeds so that as soon as the warmer weather gets here - it does feel like it is here already, 4 months too early :(,- we are ready to roll!

So this is what arrived on Friday:

We want to try the Jiffy Pro, which is a windowsill Mini-Greenhouse, and uses self expanding peat pots. Can't wait to see if it works. We will be starting in February to start our balcony plants. 

These will include:

St. Johns Wort
Passion Flower
Cherry Tomatoes
Stevia well as the typical Swiss Geranium, LOL, not a favourite, but unfortunately not really an option :( 

Our new Sprouts:
Mung Beans - Our Favourite

We are a big sprouting family and have them growing all the time.
We will explain our various sprouting systems later on during this week.

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