Friday, September 6, 2013

September Garden Update

September garden views

Today I want to share with you a September Garden Update.
It is so wonderful that our garden finally started to bring forth some really yummy produce!

This morning I fetched:
2 Huge marrows
1 Large cabbage
Some Purple beans

Garden produce

The Garden itself is looking great, I know that it kind of looks like there is always some empty space, but these squares usually have just had their produce removed.

Here are some photos of produce we have had the pleasure of eating lately :)


Our "Kohlrabi" - I think it is known as German Turnip or Stem Cabbage

purple beans

A blurry image of our purple beans :(


One of the "Big" Marrows :)


Our first two gems, oh my gosh were they so good!!

How is your garden doing? 
Are you busy harvesting and storing?
Or are you just getting ready to plant your seedlings in the Southern Hemisphere?

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  1. My husband would be so jealous of your garden.

    I am now following your blog and you can do the same at

    1. Hi Nicole,
      Thank you so much for following and for visiting.
      I am off to go and do the same on your blog too :)


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