Monday, July 8, 2013

Garden Views

We were hoping that our Square Foot Garden experience would be a rich, rewarding experiment, and I think, if the weather played along more than on just the rare occasion it would have been just that!
Our spring started off well and then we went right back to the middle of winter, of course only once we had planted our seedlings and sewed our seeds :(
This resulted in us having to re-sew seeds and replace seedlings as most of them had got a little more than just frostbite.

Now finally in the middle of July, the ground is just about warm enough to induce growth!

Most Swiss people knew this would have been the case though, as apparently we are in a moon year, according to the 100 year Calendar, which means continual rains throughout the season!

Stefan took a photo of our garden as it looked yesterday morning:

square foot garden

Raised bed gardeneing

As you can see some of the plants like the peas and the bush beans are growing well so far. 

Other creepers like the gem-squash, butternut and watermelon we have had to re-sew - I do hope they will still have a good enough chance to grow and am crossing my fingers that we have an Indian summer :)

As you may see each little square is showing signs of greenery, let's hope that it will prosper. 

I still love the fact that the earth is so wonderfully loose, and I can loosen it with my fingers which is super.

Here's to a cellar filled with winter produce :)

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