Thursday, July 18, 2013

Garden Update

Square foot gardening

Finally we have had some sunshine and some really nice weather in-between the wet, rainy spells.
Unfortunately, because we had such harsh beginnings to this season, we have had to replant and resew many of our chosen seeds.
Amazingly, the seedlings we planted out in the early spring are taking forever to grow and are almost still the same size as when we planted them :(
We are holding out for an Indian summer in the hopes of giving our garden a little surviving chance and that we can have something to store for the winter!

So far we have managed to reap the following produce:

About 30 Radishes
Enough Salad for 2 meals
and 154g peas.


Not too great, but we are positive that it will turn around.

This is how our garden is looking at present:

square foot gardening layout

square foot gardening layout sfg

As you can see, some squares have changed over this period due to the need for replanting or because we have emptied them of produce. Due to the rains etc. some of the plants have already flowered and have had to be removed.

square foot gardening

SFG planning

We had lots of potatoes in the cellar that had eyes and so we started an extra, ordinary bed with these in it. They are growing wonderfully.


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Do come back tomorrow (Saturday) where I will be sharing with you another favourite South African Recipe - Koeksisters :)

See you then and thanks for visiting.

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  1. Potatoes are great! Mine have taken over the compost bin.

    With All That I am
    Carrie - The Handmade Homemaker


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