Monday, January 30, 2017

2017 Bucket List

Life has been so hectic lately that I haven't had a moment to spare for blogging!
I hope to change that!!

This year I have decided to attempt various things in an aim to become more self-sufficient.
Not only to become more self-sufficient, but also to try out things that I take for granted because I can fetch them off a shelf in the supermarket!

So as I progress through 2017 I will share my various attempts with you, and hopefully share my experiences, and perhaps tips and tricks with you along the way :)

Here is my Bucket List of things to achieve thus far:

January 2017

Make Cheddar ✔
Make Boerewors ✔
Can Chicken ✔
Bake a sourdough loaf of bread ✔

February 2017

Make Gouda ✔
Make Paneer ✔
Make Farmhouse Cheddar ✔
Make and Can Baked Beans ✔

March 2017

Menu planning for food rotation
Dehydrate ingredients for storage
Can bacon (I am really curious about this one :))
Make Tilsit
Make Edam

I will update April as March progresses :)

All of my January experiences will follow over the next couple of days.

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