Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Peppermint Sirup

Peppermint Sirup

I was rummaging through the garden last week and weeding it.
Because I let last years garden go crazy so that the bees had a wonderful wild patch to go to, my mint thrived.
So much so that this year it keeps wanting to take over my beds!

We keep pulling it out, to have it all back a couple of days later.
So when I pulled out bushloads of the stuff last week, I thought it would be a real shame to get rid of it all the time, when I could just use it for something.

My daughter had just come home from a visit and brought home a bottle of homemade Peppermint sirup - That was the something I wanted to make!

It is so simple that I am going to share the recipe with you here today too :)


You will need:

Some Peppermint leaves - a good bunch of them (You can see how much I used for each batch in the above image) Remove the leaves from the stems
50g of Citric Acid 
3 litres of water
1,5kg Sugar

citric acid

peppermint in water

Mix the citric acid with the water and pour over the leaves.
Allow to sit for a day.

peppermint after a day

After a day the leaves will have turned a little brown.

Remove the leaves from the water and place the water in a big enough pot to hold water and sugar.

Bring sugar and water to the boil and then remove from heat filling into your bottles.

And there you have it - refreshing peppermint sirup that should last for quite a while in your storage (be sure to fill your bottles to the brim to vacuum them)

Did you try this recipe?
How did you like it?

See you soon.

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