Thursday, May 21, 2015

Apricots a Little Differently

apricots a little differently

Apricots are on special at the local store this week, so I bought 4kg of them.

Now, we are not a big apricot jam kind of a family and I only need apricots for a couple of recipes that I have on hand, but I bought these apricots with a definite scheme in mind namely - Winter and Pickles!

The first plan was to add some apricots to our Rum Pot.

Rum pot

To do so, I cut the apricots in half and covered them with sugar for an hour.


I then added them and the sugar to the pot which I started to fill in March

As you can see (if you can, the pot is very dark so the photos just don't come out like I hope :(), the strawberries have lost their wonderful red colour to the rum, but it does smell rather good already :)

Once I added the apricots, I topped the pot up with some more rum to make sure that all my fruit is covered, replaced the upturned plate and then put it aside again.

(If you would like to make your own Rum Pot for the upcoming Winter and festive season you can read how to Here)

Once that was done I went about making the pickles.

Join me tomorrow to find out how to make some amazing pickled apricots to delight your palette over the winter months.

Have you made a rum pot before?
Do you add anything extraordinary to it?

See you tomorrow.

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